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Emphasis On Teamwork

While we place top emphasis on the merits of individual performance, we also work towards achieving a common Group vision. In an age and day when modern-day corporate professionals have to walk a tightrope between juggling multiple assignments and high-pressure deadlines, JM Financial has ensured a steady team performance as every member of its team does not shudder from shouldering extra work responsibility. We facilitate active information sharing across different group levels through open communication channels helping us deliver value to our clients.

Attracting and Managing the Best Talent

Building and consolidating our talent pool has always been a top priority initiative and we have been successful in attracting varied talent that brings sound expertise, new perspectives and infectious enthusiasm to the job. A strong brand presence in the market has helped JM Financial to leverage the expertise of its empanelled business partners in helping to study, survey and attract the best talent in the market.


Consultant - Real Estate Consulting

The person with this role will be responsible for contributing to the top-line of the organization. This person will be the front face of the organization for our customers and the responsibility of maintaining the reputation of the organization, as that of a customer-centric one, therefore lies upon the shoulders of our Consultants.

Sales Executive

The person with this role will be responsible for qualifying the incoming lead flow and ensuring high lead generation ratios from our website visitors through our live chat software. therefore lies upon the shoulders of our Consultants.